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Cold And Rainy Days In The Outdoors

"When life gives you a rainy day,

play in the puddles."

-Winne the Pooh

Why being outdoors in all weathers?

There are several benefits that the outdoors offers to our children. Why does the rain or cold weathers should stop us for being outside? No, it shouldn't and here is why:

  • Children observe, learn, and experience the changes of nature during the 4 seasons.

  • Daily outdoor playing brings huge benefits in the development of children.

  • Challenges associated with winter environments provides children with new ways to develop their emotional skills. Play in the cold gives kids grit. Winter gives kids the opportunity to learn that they can manage when life gets a little challenging.

  • Find fun in all kind of weathers.

  • Inviting kids to discover the wonders of winter at a young age encourages them to enjoy the season as they grow up.

A common fear – especially in the winter – is that children will get sick when they go outside. However, children are more likely to be exposed to illness in poorly ventilated indoor environments. The outdoors benefit children by exposing them to Vitamin D and fresh air, which can ward off potential viruses.

What to wear?

  • Layers: We recommend wearing layers of clothing so children can adjust as needed according to changes in weather and activity levels.

  • Inner layer of fleece or natural fabrics such as wool or silk. Warm, breathable layer.

  • Middle layer of insulation made of wool or fleece.

  • Rain Pants: Pants should stop at the waist

  • Warm socks: Wool or other thick socks keep feet warm.

  • Waterproof boots and gloves.

  • Warm waterproof hat

Where to find outdoor gear?

Little Paws Outdoor Classroom operates in Vancouver, BC. Some of these shops are local, but some of them provide online shopping for you to shop anywhere you are located.

Tips for Parents

  • Spend time outdoors with your child even in rainy weathers.

  • Talk about fun thinks to do outside under the rain.

  • Make sure your child is warm enough and is wearing proper clothes.

  • Bring extra snacks since in cold weathers children tend to be hungrier.

  • Prepare fun activities to do with your child like jump into puddles, coloring puddles, look for animals, play hide and go seek, etc.

Rainy and cold days are magical. They offer a new way of learning and having fun outdoors.

Stay connected for more information about the amazing world of learning in nature.

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