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Little Paws Outdoor Classroom

Connecting Children With
Nature Through Outdoor Learning

We offer an inquiry and play-based education in the outdoors for preschoolers. Children participate in four hours of experiential learning sessions while exploring and connecting with Stanley Park, Vancouver's natural environment and community.

All activities are designed to nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our kids adequately. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are free to develop into bright young minds.

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Join us in
Stanley Park

NEW: Inclusive Autistic Program

We are excited to announce our Inclusive Autistic Program. This program has been designed to offer all children the opportunity to participate and benefit from outdoor education. With the support of our certified therapist, your child can enjoy fun and positive learning experiences. 

Preschool Aged Program 

Join us in this adventurous journey discovering the wonders that Stanley Park has for us all year round, while following an educational curriculum designed for early learners.

Summer Camp 2024

We offer an outdoorsy SUMMER CAMP for preschoolers. Children play and explore in the beautiful natural spaces of Stanley Park.

Seawall Stanley Park

"The instructors, Maria and Saige, are incredibly kind, patient and want the children to excel at their own pace. The program's communication is an incredible asset. (...)

I can't say enough good things but I will say, if you have any hesitancy about an outdoor program, I think you'd be very happy with Little Paws. (...)"


Cristy and James

Online Learning
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